A handy checklist to tick off if you prepare your picnic:

  • picnic blanket (or sheets or duvet cover)
  • cooler bag (and cooling elements)
  • thermos of coffee (creamer, sugar) and/or thermos with hot water (for tea or soup)
  • pepper and salt
  • water (you can also take frozen, so that it first functions as a cooling element)
  • napkins
  • waiter/corkscrew
  • wet tissues/or a bottle with additional water for rinsing of your hands & dishes
  • peppermint
  • insect repellent
  • suntan lotion
  • games, ball, etc.
  • garbage bags (for garbage, for dirty dishes)
  • for in the evening: candles and matches/lighter
  • parasol/windshield tent/canopy (especially with small children very handy)
  • folding chairs
  • tray (useful to keep bottles and glasses stable)

Consider an alternative when the weather is disappointing!

If you have a picnic spot by the water, you can put the bottles in the water and keep them cooled. tie the bottles up for safety in case the water swoops them away. 

Sew four loops at the corners of your picnic blanket so you can fix the carpet with four pegs. 

Shopping trolleys (shopper on wheels) are ideal if you go picnicking - pack up the trolley and you are on your way. 

Useful if you are traveling by car: transport your food and drink in crates or boxes. Once arrived at the picnic spot you unpack the crate, turn it upside down, throw over a nice cloth, and voila, there is your mini picnic table!

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